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It is newleaf, and the clan's lands are flourishing. The sun has been out and about, keeping everything warm, and at the same time there are frequent rains. Not so many as to create a flood, but enough to keep the plants lush and the prey plentiful.
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Clan Stats
Welcome to Forest Clans!

What does "temporary" mean?

Clan stats:

Leader: Silverstar
Deputy: Darkaura
Medicine Cat: Skyfern
Medicine Cat App: Twistedpaw
Warriors: 6
Apprentices: 3

Leader: Ripplestar
Deputy: Spiralflood
Medicine Cat: Snowfeather
Medicine Cat App: Ivypaw
Warriors: 5
Apprentices: 2

Leader: Hawkstar
Deputy: Goldleaf (Temporary)
Medicine Cat: Radiancedusk
Medicine Cat App: Greypaw
Warriors: 4
Apprentices: 2

Leader: Lyrestar
Deputy: Open
Medicine Cat: Nightshade
Medicine Cat App: Open
Warriors: 2
Apprentices: 2

Loners: 5
Kittypets: 2

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Post  Hawkstar on Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:10 am

Well, hi there! I'm Hawkstar, the admin and creator of this forum. I figured I should make an introduction on this board to get the ball rolling. Plus, it's always nice to know a bit about the people you roleplay with.
So, when I was younger I used to do Warriors roleplay all the time and I loved it. Then, I fell out of it for a few year, which was unfortunate, but it happens. But for a few weeks now, I had been tempted to try getting back into roleplaying. I finally dove in a few days ago on a different Warriors RPG site. And that led me to want more roleplaying, so I made this site. It's not fully complete yet, but it's complete enough that we can begin roleplaying. I will likely be adding more forums and activities as we get more members.

Anywho, some stuff that's actually about me:
I've been a fan of Warriors since I was.... about 12. ....And I'm 17 now.
I'm nerdy; I love books, music, drawing, writing, video games, what have you. I also adore animals, and plan on going to college to study zoology.

Anyone have questions about me (or the forum)? Feel free to ask! Smile

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