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It is newleaf, and the clan's lands are flourishing. The sun has been out and about, keeping everything warm, and at the same time there are frequent rains. Not so many as to create a flood, but enough to keep the plants lush and the prey plentiful.
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Medicine Cat: Snowfeather
Medicine Cat App: Ivypaw
Warriors: 5
Apprentices: 2

Leader: Hawkstar
Deputy: Goldleaf (Temporary)
Medicine Cat: Radiancedusk
Medicine Cat App: Greypaw
Warriors: 4
Apprentices: 2

Leader: Lyrestar
Deputy: Open
Medicine Cat: Nightshade
Medicine Cat App: Open
Warriors: 2
Apprentices: 2

Loners: 5
Kittypets: 2

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Streamheart// Riverclan// Warrior

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Streamheart// Riverclan// Warrior

Post  kirstykrk on Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:22 am

Character Name: Streamheart

Gender: She-cat

Clan{if any}: Riverclan

Rank(CANNOT be leader, deputy or medicine cat/med apprentice unless you are making up their clan/tribe): Warrior

Appearance(Must look realistic--NO RED EYES!): Streamheart has clear, sea-blue eyes that seems to always reflect the moonlight but are also kind and gentle. When she is thinking, her eyes are clouded with thought, but when facing you, her eyes are a clear and wise. She is a large, but lean she-cat with dark-blue, long tabby fur that is silky to the touch. Streamheart has white paws and a flame-coloured tip on the tail. She has an abnormally long tail, useful for steering her through the swiftest currents, A great advantage as a Riverclan cat.

Personality: Streamheart is cheerful, helpful, gentle, kind, smart and easy going. While at other times, she is bossy, rude, cold, forbidding and strict. Just like any other Riverclan cat, she is a champion swimmer who can swimmer faster than any other cat. Streamheart is one of the fastest swimmers in her clan and love challenges. She never admits defeat and always walks away from a battle or argument with her tail and head held high. She is a very sympathetic cat who always loves giving advice to others, although she sometimes gets too carried away and sounds like she’s bossing other cats around. She hates climbing trees and would fall off nearly every time she reaches her second branch. She likes fighting, but only at last resort. She also loves hunting and takes it as a sport. She enjoys serving her clan and feeding her clan and always volunteers for hunting parties, border patrols, and clan service. She is one of the best hunters in her clan and also one of the best fighters, but she just won’t show it out. She does not enjoy fighting at all but understands that she needs it to protect her clan. She is not a fast runner and would only run at last resort. Whenever she is forced to run, she immediately becomes very clumsy when she is usually very neat, tidy and fast. She runs very slowly but can force herself to go faster if she wants. She has very good sense of smell, useful for her to scent fish swimming under the water and other prey. Her eyes are keen for the slight flick of a fish’s tail beneath the surface of the water or for the ripple of water on the surface. She can sense things like a two-leg can sense her cooking is nearly done. Her hearing, however are not as sharp and she is currently training herself to do better.

History(Not needed): The times when Streamkit was a kit, she was quiet, silent and cold. Only when she grew older, did she realize all the things and happiness she was missing out. She immediately made a large number of friends within her clan and out, determined to right her wrongs and start a new life. She helped out a lot in the nursery and helped take care of many of the kits. If she found that one of the kits were cold, silent and quiet, she would immediately spend more time with them and change before it was too late. She was good with her training and obeyed her mentor word to word. When she was made a warrior, hope filled her and she became one of the strongest warriors Riverclan has ever seen. She is forever striving for deputyship but has decided she wouldn’t be unhappy if she wasn’t chosen. She loved her clan, her leader and her clanmates like she would love her family. She has sworn she would serve her clan until the day she would join Starclan. She is a cat that seeks peace with the other clans but wouldn’t be afraid to unsheathe her claws for her clan. She is one of the best and most senior warriors in Riverclan.

Medicine Cat
Medicine Cat

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Re: Streamheart// Riverclan// Warrior

Post  keanai on Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:52 am



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