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It is newleaf, and the clan's lands are flourishing. The sun has been out and about, keeping everything warm, and at the same time there are frequent rains. Not so many as to create a flood, but enough to keep the plants lush and the prey plentiful.
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Welcome to Forest Clans!

What does "temporary" mean?

Clan stats:

Leader: Silverstar
Deputy: Darkaura
Medicine Cat: Skyfern
Medicine Cat App: Twistedpaw
Warriors: 6
Apprentices: 3

Leader: Ripplestar
Deputy: Spiralflood
Medicine Cat: Snowfeather
Medicine Cat App: Ivypaw
Warriors: 5
Apprentices: 2

Leader: Hawkstar
Deputy: Goldleaf (Temporary)
Medicine Cat: Radiancedusk
Medicine Cat App: Greypaw
Warriors: 4
Apprentices: 2

Leader: Lyrestar
Deputy: Open
Medicine Cat: Nightshade
Medicine Cat App: Open
Warriors: 2
Apprentices: 2

Loners: 5
Kittypets: 2

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Post  keanai on Tue May 24, 2011 12:01 pm

Age: reletively young
Gender: tom
Clan/Clan position: Loner/Loner
Appearence: Pitch black tom with brown eyes that are almost black. His fur is almost lifeless, and shimmers in the moonlight, a silver-black colour. His eyes are completely devoid of most emotion, except for a everlasting hate. His ears are large and has small tufts of fur in them. His teeth are extremely sharp, and pointed, which he makes good use of them. His paws are large, and so are his claws.
Personality: Avenger is precisely his name. An avenger. Avenger secretly harbores a hate so deep, it almost corrupts all his other emotions. He refuses to get close to anyone, and for a good reason.

Underneath all that anger and hatred is a layer of extreme sadness and hurt. Avenger purposely buries it- he doesn't want to be weak. But the tom doesn't know how to live, and he has spent the last two seasons looking to avenge someone.

But underneath the hatred, and the sorrow lays a tom in dormant- one full of love, compassion, and strenth. You just have to d8ig deep enough to find it.

Avenger was once a strong ThunderClanner- until everything went wrong.

Avenger's previous name was Nightwing, a name that Avenger was proud of, until it happened.

It happened sometime at night, when a Dark Forest spirit possesed him, and forced him to kill his family. His father, whom he cared deply about, his mother- who had just givin birth to another litter the previous night, and all his new little brothers and sisters. All of them. Avneger had lived a happy life up to that point, but when that happened, he was heaert-broken.

The spirit in which possessed him was his uncle- a cruel, sadistic tom.


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