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It is newleaf, and the clan's lands are flourishing. The sun has been out and about, keeping everything warm, and at the same time there are frequent rains. Not so many as to create a flood, but enough to keep the plants lush and the prey plentiful.
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FanFiction-- My take on Beauty and the Beast, WIP

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FanFiction-- My take on Beauty and the Beast, WIP

Post  Mythaholic Bookie on Wed May 18, 2011 9:55 am

Please tell me your opinions. Just click "Post reply" and tell me! Thanks! Smile


The rain pelted down on the little town. In the middle of this town stood a huge mansion, where the richest man in town, Edward Kane, lived with his wife, Ariana, and his three daughters, Anna, Elizabeth and Belle. Anna and Elizabeth were just your average socialites dressing fancily, flirting and attending cotillions. Their father shared similar traits with them: the high nose, the proud tilt of the chin and the curly blonde hair. Oh, and their love for pretty things and socializing. But it was obvious Belle and her mother shared more traits with her mother. They were both deemed the beauties of the village. And with good reason.

Both had rosy cheeks, beautiful, dark green eyes and long, luxurious, thick brown hair. They also shared a love for gardening and helping others. It was this love of gardening that had led to so many of the traumatic events to come...

Mythaholic Bookie
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Re: FanFiction-- My take on Beauty and the Beast, WIP

Post  Mythaholic Bookie on Wed May 18, 2011 10:14 am

chapter one.

Belle stared out of the window aimlessly at the rain that was falling on her windowpane. How she hated rain! The roses outside would die from over-exposure to rain and too much water. Already she could see one of the smallest, newest plants drooping under the weight of the raindrops falling on them. Her gaze drifted to one of the stronger plants and immediately sighed and turned away. Even the strongest vine was looking worn down. Rain. It was cruel and heartless to plants. They would never survive this torrent! She'd worked feverishly all winter planting these roses, and now she would never see them in full bloom. Her father had spent so much money on those seeds! He would drill her for "wasting his money", for sure. She never really grasped the concept of "give and receive". Her pure, innocent mind only knew to give and not receive a thing back.

So for some reason she was thinking about these things. Suddenly an absurd, ridiculous, completely nonsensical thought came into her naive mind: If you only give, surely you'll eventually run out of things to give? But she resolved that thought with: No, if you receive from others, then you'll have things. But then... that would be receiving! Her mind whizzed around, trying to put a kind spin on horrid, selfish things.

A flash of lightning struck outside, and Belle shivered. Rain without lightning and thunder was bad enough, but with those bolts of light shooting across the sky...

"Come back quick, Mother," Belle called out of the window. Her mother, trying to cover up the plants, gave her a wink and called back "I'll be fine, Belle! Don't worry! I just need to get this rose under cover." She put down the net and stumbled, accidentally grabbing onto the lightning rod next to her.

And that was when the lightning hit. Belle couldn't remember anything except a beam of light, hitting her mother's body, a cry of pain, and the lightning was gone as soon as it had come. Belle stared at her mother's limp, lifeless body, devoid of all life, and then the world went black as she fainted from horror, seeing that her mother, her beloved mother, was dead.

Mythaholic Bookie
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